The 5 Best Bed Sheets of 2022 - According to Sleeping Experts

Updated: July 27th, 2022

Given how much time we spend sleeping on average – about one-third of our lives – comfortable bed sheets are a necessity. I’ll admit that I enjoy stretching out or curling up in my bed after a long day and a warm bath. However, this awesome experience is not the same for everyone depending on their bed sheet.

Quality bed sheets are key to a good night’s rest and a great morning. I can’t imagine anyone is comfortable on an itchy bed sheet that makes them sweat all night. On top of that, you want durable bed sheets that you won’t need to change every other month.

The problem is that there is no shortage of bed sheets on the market today, which makes it difficult to choose the right one for you. That is why we bought a dozen bed sheets and tested them over two months so we can recommend the best bed sheet to buy in 2022.

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Why Miracle Sheets Is the #1 Rated Sheet Set?

You’ll agree with me that bed sheets haven’t seen much innovation over the past couple of years. Miracle Sheets are easily my best pick among all the sheets I tested because they brought the much-needed upgrade to regular bed sheets. The sheets are infused with all-natural silver that prevents 99.9% of bacteria growth, perfect for people like me who have sensitive skin!

I had read about the Miracle Sheets before I tested them, but I didn’t expect much still. You can’t blame me. Every bed sheet company out there wants you to think their product is the best. But boy, was I wrong! Miracle Sheets boasts over 10,000 great reviews, and it quickly became obvious why so many people loved it after my first night sleeping on them.

Apart from bacteria protection, I also found that Miracle Sheet Set regulates temperature excellently, which is great in hot weather. They don’t get dirty easily, and you won’t perceive any odors for weeks at times. Consequently, they need washing less often than traditional sheets that you have to wash weekly.

Before I get ahead of myself, here are my Miracle Sheets test results from the first night till now.

Materials, Design, and Construction

Miracle Sheets has two types of fabric, and I tested both of them extensively. Signature is the premium 350-thread-count variant with Supima Cotton in a percale weave. You can easily tell that they’re breathable with their lightweight design, and they have a uniquely soft feel. My favorite, however, is the Extra Luxe. It features an impressive 500 thread count in a sateen weave, delivering an even smoother and silkier finish than the Signature sheets. Both sets come in three shades, stone, sky blue, and white, any of which would fit most bedrooms.

Bacteria Prevention

Our bodies carry germs, and there’s almost nothing we can do about it. The last thing you want to do is deposit those germs and bacteria onto your bed sheets every night. That’s the first big problem that Miracle Sheets solve. In case you’re late to the party, silver has been scientifically proven to kill bacteria by releasing ions that attract and destroy bacteria instantly.

By infusing natural silver into bedsheets, they remain healthier for longer than traditional sheets. With Miracle Sheets, I had no fear for morning breakouts on my face, skin irritation, or any other type of bacterial infection. In this regard, traditional bed sheets don’t come close at all.

Odor Prevention

Bacteria are a big part of why your sheets smell. They leave a pungent, moldy smell on your clothes and your bed sheets after only a couple of nights. If you’re a hot sleeper who sweats a lot at night, your sheets are likely to stink from the sweat, but they don’t have to. No matter how hot the night was, I woke up to the smell of fresh sheets every morning for three weeks!

Miracle Sheet’s all-natural silver prevented smelly bacteria buildup that would have otherwise made me want to change sheets after a couple of days. Honestly, this level of cleanliness just brings me more comfort.

Temperature Regulation

Speaking of hot sleepers, waking up in a pool of sweat will no longer be the case with these bed sheets. The fabric in Miracle Sheets regulates temperature all night long, keeping you cool and comfortable. They don’t only look cool, they are actually cool to the touch and remain that way while you sleep.

Easier Care and Cleaning

My Miracle Sheets delivery came with detailed cleaning instructions, but I didn’t have to clean them for a while. Of all the sheets I tested, they took the longest to show any sign of dirt. Washing sheets can take most of my afternoon, and I don’t always have that time, so I’ll be sticking with Miracle to save myself the stress. When I had to wash, the cleaning instructions recommended warm water and gentle liquid detergent. They get softer with every wash, so I basically sleep in a cloud.

Prices and Sizes

Miracle sheets come in different sizes and sets, which determines the price. However, you can buy them cheaper today since their discount is still running. The Signature set starts as low as $109, and the higher-end Extra Luxe set starts at $159. Both come in Queen, Twin, Full, King, and Cali King sizes.

Trial, Warranty, and Shipping

Bed sheets rarely have a trial period, but Miracle Sheets offer you a whopping 30 days to test it out after purchase. Deliveries take about 3 to 5 days for US buyers, and they ship internationally as well. If you don’t like it, you can return it just as easily as you bought it. I’m keeping mine for years to come, and I am fully satisfied with the 5-year warranty on both bed sheets. These attractive reasons are some of the reasons Miracle Sheets are so easy to recommend.

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