Top 5 Chef's Knives of 2022 - Best Japanese Knives to Tackle Any Kitchen Task

Updated: Jan 27th, 2022

A chef’s knife is the most important tool in the kitchen. It’s the all-rounder of kitchen tools. It will slice, dice, chop, descale and smash. Really, you could probably do about 95% of tasks which require a knife in the kitchen with a good chef’s knife.

That’s why of all the knives in your kitchen, I think it’s particularly important to focus on getting a top-quality chef’s knife, one which is right for you, one which is comfortable for you to use and is beautiful to look at.

A quality chef’s knife which is properly maintained can easily last for decades. In fact, if you just take the regular steps of frequent honing hand infrequent sharpening to maintain your knife a high-quality chef’s knife could definitely last you your whole lifetime, perhaps even your kids too.

That’s why I’ve made this article. I want to showcase some of the very best chef’s knives you can get, which are still within a reasonable price range. You can go out and find single knives which might cost $300 – $800, ‘handcrafted by a guild of Samurai master in the foothills of Mount Fuji’, but unless you’re an absolute knife buff you probably don’t need to, the funny thing too is that often these knives are much more difficult to maintain than a more western style chef’s knife.

So here’s my list of recommendations for incredible chef’s knives for under $150. A price that’s expensive enough to get really top quality products, but not so expensive that they have been sharpened by blind monks… I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

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Why Should You Consider a Japanese Knife Set?

Some of the most popular types of knives in the world are Japanese kitchen knives, especially if you are looking for the very best that will last the course and slice with ease. They are produced with high quality materials and stay sharp after years of use. There are different styles of knife that are used in different cutlery purposes and hopefully you will get a better understanding of just why they are so popular with both professional & amateur cooks on the planet.

The reason I am writing about traditional Japanese knives, is because my wife was a Japanese speaking tour guide and later on a translator for a large NGO from Japan called JICA. She made many friends and I became really interested in Asian culture and seeing as I am a bit of a research geek, I thought I would write about what are arguably the best knife shapes in the world.


Why Huusk Is the #1 Pick of 2021?

If you are looking for the best Japanese kitchen knife to add to your collection, look no further than Huusk. Huusk Knives are premium-quality knives suitable for professional chefs and beginners and come at an affordable price.  

A Huusk knife is ergonomic, made with stainless steel, and effortlessly cuts through anything you can imagine in the kitchen. It is the type of knife that will impress your guests and the kind of knife that delivers perfect balance and control with every move.  

Whether a professional chef, private cook, or someone eager to become better in the kitchen, the Huusk knife is designed with you in mind. We can all agree that having a sharp knife in the kitchen is essential, and with Huusk, you get the best of the best. Considering that a knife is an extension of a chef’s hand, having a high-quality one will undoubtedly do wonders for you in the kitchen. 

Huusk Japan Knives: About the Brand

Huusk Japan Knives are presented as the first premium-control knives that any average and top chef should have in their kitchen counter. Designed by traditional Japanese knife makers, Huusk knives are one of the sharpest knives on the market. They source the steel directly from Japan and know how to create a blade sharp enough to cut frozen meat in seconds.  

Each Huusk knife is handcrafted with quality, excellence, and precision in mind. With a laser-carved hole, you can expect better control than with any other premium kitchen knife, while the oak wood handle ensures optimal grip and comfort with every move.  

Tradition is what makes Huusk knives unique. The creators behind the brand carefully forge each blade using an old Japanese technique. So, no matter how thin you need to cut something, with a Huusk knife, you’ll get the job done.  

Huusk Japan Knife: Unique Features

Huusk is the best Japanese kitchen knife for many reasons. We’ve already mentioned some of these unique features, but here we add extra specifics to explain the beauty and premium quality the brand offers. 

High-Quality Design and Construction

Huusk knives are designed using high carbon stainless steel, which is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. What makes this knife even more extraordinary is the oak wood handle that offers comfort and strength.  

The impressive build ensures no trash or soil gathers on the blade, which is essential for those who spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The handle has an end-to-end length for additional strength and precision.

Handmade Creation

Each Huusk knife is handmade by highly experienced and trained specialists. They use top-of-the-line technology and premium materials to deliver the best of the best, ensuring details last longer, without scratches.  

Another feature that makes this knife unique is its sharpness, which symbolizes the Samurai’s battle sword, known for its strength and quality.

Embraces Japanese Culture

Some of the most popular Japanese chef knives include Honesuki (for cutting meat or poultry), Deba (for fish), and Guy (for meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables). None of these knives can match the precision and quality that Huusk offers.  

Huusk carries the fundamental features of Japanese knives but in an improved version. 

A Knife for Everyone

The main goal for Huusk was to design a premium kitchen knife that introduces a one-of-a-kind shape. These knives can perform various tasks, from dicing to slicing, and even more complex tasks, making them the perfect knife for any chef, regardless of the cooking experience.  

You can slice fresh or frozen vegetables, cut meat, or prepare desserts. There are no limits to what a Huusk knife can do. People who have given a Huusk knife a try confirm that they enjoyed the entire process, from start to finish, due to its edge retention, motion, and utmost precision.

Perfect Fit

The length of a Huusk knife is approximately 28cm, and the width is 5cm. Together with the handle, the blade weighs around 250gr and has a curving angle of 38 degrees. The Huusk knife is suitable for both right and left-handed cooks. 

Comes in a Premium Box

Each Huusk knife set comes in a beautifully designed box with a unique closure. You can store your knife in the box, where you can also find a cleaning cloth that will help you keep the blade clean and smooth at all times. 

Lifetime Warranty

Huusk knives come with a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing issues. The brand promises to take all appropriate measures and adhere to the highest standards to ensure every user is satisfied with the product. 

Product Specifications

  •     Sharp Edge Material – Stainless Steel 
  •     Weight – 252gr
  •     The Curve Angle – 38°
  •     Blade Length – 28cm or 11 inches
  •     Sharp Edge Length – 15.5cm or 6 inches
  •     Width – 5cm or 2 inches 

The Perks of Using a Huusk Knife

  •     No need to apply extra pressure to cut or slice things 
  •     The knife has sharp edges, so you don’t need to sharpen them (at least not in the beginning)
  •     It assists you in any cooking activity with precise cutting capabilities 
  •     It is extremely comfortable and has a decent grip
  •     You can use it on meat, vegetables, and other food types 

Where to Buy Huusk Knives

If you want to purchase this product, we highly recommend getting it directly from the official website. While many sellers and sites claim that they offer the original Huusk Japanese knife, consumers always feel more secure when purchasing directly from the brand.  

When compared to other Japanese or European knives, Huusk knives are affordable. You can purchase one knife or a set of two, three, and four knives at a fraction of the price. 

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A Final Word

There is no denying Huusk knives are the perfect addition to any kitchen. We would personally recommend this brand to anyone who has cooking skills or is eager to improve their talents in the kitchen. People who will benefit the most from Huusk knives are those who don’t currently own a premium knife or one that is dull.  

So, don’t think twice; head out to the website and get the best Japanese kitchen knife while some are still available!

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