Why Are Americans Buying This Tiny Portable AC Like Crazy? The Curious Case of ChillWell 2.0 That’s Taking the US Market by Storm ❄️


Written By Austin D. | Ideal Shopping | Updated: | May 16th, 2023 Advertorial

“It cools down the hottest rooms in under 5 minutes…” Does this controversial cooling technology really work? Let’s dive into this week’s story.


By 3 big companies.

They could set any price they wanted, pushing a mediocre product.

Their main product: traditional Air Conditioners. They are outdated, expensive, noisy, dangerous to clean, and cost a fortune in electricity. AND you can’t move them around the house!

As portable alternatives, the AC industry has been promoting fans. Yes, they are cheaper, but they only blow the air around. What if the air is hot? It will just make you feel hotter.

Could things get worse for Americans?

SADLY YES – the national weather services are reporting that it is going to be a super hot summer, one of the hottest for decades.

Meaning the electricity bills will skyrocket in a few months!

Could this new type of cooling technology be the savior?

What Is This Mysterious AC Technology?

Meet ChillWell 2.0.

The company behind the ChillWell 2.0 recruited leading industry engineers to change everything we know about Air Conditioners.

Their goal was to make a low-cost, low-maintenance AC unit that is suitable for any home, office or car.

And they succeeded!

ChillWell 2.0 has stunned the $135B AC industry with their innovative model.


Compared to the traditional AC, it’s 300% more efficient, smaller, portable, and it cools any room much faster- in less than 5 minutes!

ChillWell 2.0 utilizes a new Insta-Frost™ Technology Cooling System that allows everyone to make hot rooms & sky-high energy bills a relic of the past.

Based on recent data, it saves 60-85% of electricity compared to traditional air conditioners.)

It’s safe to say, ChillWell 2.0 is the next generation of AC units!

“I always get sick at the start of summer when I turn my AC on. With The ChillWell 2.0 Portable AC, I can sit right in front of it and feel fresh, even after hours of studying” – Darlene Rogers from New Orleans, LA

We Decided to Run a Test

We had to put these claims to the test.

The battle between the traditional AC vs the ChillWell 2.0 started by pushing the button of our office AC’s remote control.


We sat in the office, waiting for it to go from hot to pleasant cool.

The Result: it took about a half-hour for the whole office to cool down.

Next we tried ChillWell 2.0. The second we turned it on, it blew an artic breeze of cold air in our faces.

The result: within less than 5 minutes, the whole office had amazingly cooled down!

Our verdict?

There’s NO comparison, the ChillWell 2.0 is the clear winner.

And it makes sense…

ChillWell’s technology is much faster because it uses water to cool down the incoming air, and then it pumps out freezing cold air on the other side.

Just fill up the 550ml tank with water and press the start button!

Which brings us to the big question…

How does it work?

1. Simply fill the 550ml tank with water,
2. turn it on, and
3. The Insta-Frost™ Technology Cooling System will turn hot muggy air into icy cold air in seconds..

During our tests, we found out that just one fill of the ChillWell tank can last for an entire day!

In addition, the ChillWell 2.0 offers 4 modes to control the temperature of your room..

1. Low Mode – a relaxing cool breeze
2. Medium Mode – for if you’re feeling warm
3. High Mode – for if you’re feeling hot
4. Turbo Mode – for if you need to cool down any space fast

The best part?

You can run it using any USB-C port – even your laptop could power it!

The lithium battery is very strong and makes the ChillWell 2.0 100% cordless.

This means you can take it to any room you want, the office, garage, kitchen… Get instant relief from the heat wherever you go.

Now you and your family can stay comfortable and dry without having to worry about your electricity bills or power outages.

Why Is the ChillWell 2.0 Technology So Unique?

The ChillWell 2.0 technology and its unique features speak for themselves:

Set your mode – Can create a cooling breeze or be switched to a regular fan. Whichever you like.

Air quality control – It can act as a humidifier. If you want a clean, fresh, and humidified air, ChillWell 2.0 can provide this for you.

Fast and efficient – ChillWell 2.0 generates REALLY COOL AIR, FAST! In just seconds enjoy Rapid Cooling as ChillWell 2.0 pumps out refreshing air.

Different speeds – Four fan speeds. Set it to your optimum comfort level.

Easy to use – Very easy to refill with water when it runs low. Big capacity 550ml tank.

Lightweight – Compact and easy to carry. Weighs less than 2 pounds unfilled.

Extremely quiet – No loud, obnoxious fan noise to disrupt your concentration or sleep.

Set your mood – Fascinating mood lighting integrated.

Full control – Adjustable vents to direct cool air wherever you want it.

…and that’s not it!

When you’re inside all the time, indoor pollution only gets worse. Even particles from your clothes and hair travel the air.

When the temperature rises, certain pollutants are more likely to be released indoors, which can affect the air quality in your home. So, it’s important to stay aware and take steps to keep your indoor environment clean and cool, especially during those hot summer days!

Then, We “Interrogated” the Founders…

Q: Does ChillWell 2.0 require any installation?
“No, it works directly out of the box and is really simple to use. You will have it cooling any space in less than 60 seconds.”

Q: Do I need to buy my own batteries?
“No, ChillWell 2.0 comes with a powerful rechargeable 2000mAh battery that will last you the entire day. The USB (type C) charging cable is also included.”

Q: Is the ChillWell 2.0 safe to use when sleeping?
“Absolutely yes. The device is extremely quiet, it’s perfect for in the bedroom.

Final question…

Q: How Much Does It Cost?
“We’re disgusted by how greedy the big AC industry is and we wanted to give them the middle finger. So…”

And here’s where the story gets even more interesting…

As we all know, traditional AC units go for $300 – 800+, so you would expect the ChillWell 2.0 to cost around as much…

But the founders decided to retail the ChillWell 2.0 for the friendly price of $178.00 – and it already sold out x3 this summer in the US!

YES, you can now order your own ChillWell for just $89 with the 55% promotional discount we’ve secured for our readers!

Click here to claim a discounted ChillWell 2.0 (if it’s still available) >>

If you ask us, that’s a tiny price to pay for a brand new, ultra-efficient AC keeping you cool this summer.

How Can It Be So Affordable?

In the words of the founders:

“Did you know big brands spend BILLIONS on advertising, physical stores, and boss bonuses?

Can you guess who’s paying for that? Yep, YOU, the customers…

At ChillWell, we spend nothing on any of this.

We sell online and on trusted retailers, don’t advertise on TV, and we’re no greedy owners who demand ridiculous bonuses.

We prefer to let our devices and positive reviews do the talking for us!

Conclusion: Is ChillWell 2.0 Worth It?

The answer is a certifiable YES.

With summer around the corner, the ChillWell 2.0 is the cheapest and best way to stay cool and comfortable.

It feels like a $300 product priced at $89 (with your exclusive 55% discount).

Our advice?

Get your ChillWell 2.0 now before this discount runs out.

It’s already selling like crazy! You’ll quickly see why thousands of Americans have ordered theirs already.

Time to finally enjoy summer without sweating and stressing under the pounding heat!

How Do I Get The Real ChillWell 2.0?

Avoid knockoffs please – the real thing is essential! Don’t get stuck with some ancient prototype or inferior copycat!

>> Get your ChillWell 2.0 from their official website at 55% OFF

DISCLAIMER: As of June 9, 2023 * – Ever since ChillWell 2.0 was released, an incredible amount of buzz has been generated. Due to its popularity and positive reviews, the company is now offering a one-time, first-time buyer discount of 50%.

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