Top 5 Best Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier Bags of 2021

Updated: November 24th, 2021

No one enjoys funky, unwanted smells in their space. Wouldn’t you agree? If you have been looking for a natural, fuss-free, and reusable product that keeps unwanted smells at bay, then the world of Bamboo charcoal air purifier bags will absolutely delight you. Bamboo charcoal air purifier bags are made with 100% bamboo charcoal, an activated form of charcoal-derived burned pieces of Moso bamboo plants. The bamboo charcoal is then packaged in a breathable fabric casing that can effectively attract and trap odors for a long period.

Bamboo Charcoal purifiers come in all kinds of designs and sizes. I got a couple of recommendations, and we went ahead to give many of them a go. After testing over a dozen, I can confidently say I have found the best one. Before we talk all about it, here are the best 5 Bamboo charcoal air purifier bags to buy in 2021. 

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Why AirJoi Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag is My #1 Pick

When purchasing a bamboo charcoal air purifier bag, one of the most important things to consider is the style of the bamboo charcoal bag. Different bags from various brands come in various styles. While some have hooks or loops for easy hanging, some are designed to sit upright on flat surfaces. Some brands make bags specifically designed with an elongated shape so they can fit in shoes. 

During my hunt for better-smelling air, I stumbled on the Airjoi air purifier bags. Made of refreshing and 100% natural materials, the most distinct feature was perhaps the clever little eyelet at the top of the bag. This design feature is brilliant for easy hanging, without the bulky or unorganized look of hooks or loops. Next, when I tried the bags, I was quickly taken by how effective and fast-acting the charcoal was. Just then, we’d been trying to get rid of this unbelievably unpleasant smell from the refrigerator for weeks. The moment I took out the bag from the plastic shipping wrap, I noted the significant drop in the smell from the fridge. 

What’s more, these air purifier bags are long-lasting and reusable. They last for many years and can be reactivated by simply placing them in the sunlight. The convenient use, reactivation, and design easily made the Airjoi bamboo charcoal air purifier bags my #1 pick and new all-time favorite.

Effective odor remover

The AirJoi Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier is a master product at sweeping the air clean of all odors.  The activated bamboo charcoal absorbs the gases and odors in the air. This mechanism is owed to the millions of tiny cells in the activated bamboo charcoal that are extremely porous. The porosity creates an absorbent carbon air filter, making this product a true gem.

Suitable for various kinds of spaces and objects

Whether you’ve got a funky smell in your car, bathroom, laundry bag, gym bag, or closet, AirJoi stays true to its promise. The purifier bags work in whatever space or object you need to deodorize. All you need to do is place your purifier bag in the room or inside the bag and watch — or smell — the magic!

Reuse and re-activate for years

The remarkable thing about bamboo charcoal is that the purifier bags are reusable. AirJoi gives you a whole lot of worth for your money. For two years, you will enjoy the benefits of using charcoal bamboo to clear your air. During this time, you can periodically rejuvenate and reactivate your AirJoi bags once a month. I do this by placing the bags in direct sunlight for about an hour, then pick them up and let them continue their work! Such a trusty and handy little tool.


AirJoi’s efficiency is one impressive thing to talk about. While many brands eventually get the job done after a while, AirJoi wasted no time in announcing its superiority. The bamboo charcoal starts absorbing odors the moment you set it out.

Improves air quality

Bamboo charcoal air purifier bags are primarily aimed at removing odors from the air. AirJoi goes the extra mile by also removing allergens and pollutants in the air. This makes it the perfect air purifier for people who struggle with asthma, seasonal allergies, and other similar respiratory conditions. 

Environmentally Friendly, Child and Pet-friendly

AirJoi is made of 100% toxin-free natural products. This makes it non-harmful to the environment. Thanks to its reusability and durability, AirJoi is a sustainable air purifier option. Due to the lack of toxins and other harmful chemicals, it is safe to use your AirJoi bags with children and pets around. Cleaning up your air and improving your health does not get any more wonderful. 

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"The best in market"

7, 413 Reviews

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